My Story.

crypto life

I'm 25 years old,  a young man,with a heart to be extraordinary .Around  2012,  I started to touch the area of BTC . Thereafter  began to pay attention to NFT in 2017. 

So I have an inexplicable sense of intimacy to encryption culture. In college I began to write articles  and have been outputting values  to  express my ideas all the time. Till I discovered the concept of NFT, I was deeply attracted,  by which I  could express whatever I want in the form of NFT.

While the recent digital currency market has suffered, and  I have lost more than 2.4 million RMB. This make me  fall into a depressed mood. Yet I figure out a way to relieve, that is to make a great deal of money!

I was hoping  to earn a high income by selling NFT works. So I set myself a small goal to get 10000 ETH. Which of course, is a crazy idea. I don’t know whether it can be realized o not, but I will 100% try my best. In addition, I wish to become the top 3 encryption artist of the world and the top 1 of China. And for all these , I will  fight silently till the end,always.