I am drawing

I think life is art, and I like to find inspiration in the usual daily life.I will make the usual photos in different styles and give it a new meaning.This is my state when I am working on my creation.


The black and white background represents the beginning of computers, and people have varying degrees of liking for different numbers.

I believe that NFT is a new type of artistic expression, also it can  ensure the rights and interests of the creators. Besides , Imagine that hundreds of years later, the blockchain still records the moment of its birth and the collectors to whom it was transferred. This is amazing!


Chinese crypto artist

I'm a Chinese crypto artist. In China, people don't know much about encryption art, and most of them does't show any  interest at all. But I firmly believe that NFT is a tendency of the future , and there is still a huge amount of  space.That's why  I insist on  promoting Chineses' attention to crypto art through my works.